My background...

Originally from Normandy, I discovered the capital when I began my dual training as a fashion designer at the Esmod in 1998. The smell of pattern fabric, the waltz of Lavigne models and the majestic Salon Garnier galvanized me until the year 2000, when, with a specialization in luxury, I took my first steps into professional vocation!

After a formative period at Ventilo, everything really began in 2003 at Mia Ziawhere, parachuted into Morocco, I discovered both the culture and the profession of this country, and its omnipresent craftsmanship. Seams, knitwear, embroidery - everything is designed down to the smallest detail in the workshop. As the right-hand woman to designer Valérie Barkowski, I'm in charge of the design studio, where the women's ready-to-wear, jewelry and accessories collections are developed, as well as a line of household linen. I travelled for three years, exploring traditional weaving, dyeing and printing techniques, acquiring knowledge from numerous craftsmen and manufacturers, until India proved to be a revelation.

From 2006 to 2008, immersed in the world of Kenzo Takadaresponsible for researching inspiration for the design of women's ready-to-wear collections and accessories, I create notebooks based on themes worked out together, presenting selections of fabrics sourced or developed exclusively by the manufacturers, along with the color ranges and embroidery panoply that go to make up the collections. I assist the great couturier in the development of his new eponymous brand. Archives, fabrics, colors, patterns, everything becomes a source of creativity.

When my first child was born in 2008, I created a brand of decorative textiles for the whole family, Pigmée. As a self-employed entrepreneur, I manage every stage in the design and creation of a universe: from brand identity to manufacturing follow-up, including hand-crafted production in Morocco and India, as well as the sales network of over 150 international outlets developed through trade shows and communications. The doll will become the flagship product, complementing the decorative line. An e-commerce website presents all the collections, as well as occasional collaborations with other designers.

A different mood in 2010 with Danish designer Bess Nielsen for the brand EpiceI design scarves for the children's collection. Between Denmark and India, it's still craftsmanship that prevails in this singular universe.

Alongside my business, I'm discovering a new destination with the children's brand Keti Keta for which I've been doing freelance styling consulting since 2011. The focus is on Nepal, and all the girls', boys' and babies' fashion collections and home decor are handmade in Kathmandu.

In 2015, working with Muskhane will also be a step towards traditional Indian and Nepalese know-how, with the development of a line of homewear to complement the felt and cashmere collections. The printing and embroidery work, and the discovery of the craftsmen's know-how, contribute to the authenticity of this human adventure.

The brand Zef called on me in 2016 to take on the artistic direction of the children's and baby's ready-to-wear and accessories collection for the Autumn/Winter 2017-2018 season. From the design and manufacturing of the prototypes to the showroom presentation and the visual identity of the boutiques and social networks, this intense experience gave me the opportunity to take up a challenge and work with manufacturers of multiple nationalities.

My passion for craftsmanship, unique pieces and limited series will lead me in 2018 to Germain Craft for a product manager consulting assignment with a view to opening a boutique in Paris called "La boutique fantasque". Like a cabinet of curiosities, the concept is to showcase decorative objects, one-off finds and contemporary handmade creations.

In March 2022, while visiting Marrakech with Valérie Barkowski we began working together again, as unexpected as it was obvious, driven by our shared passion for Moroccan know-how. Travels resume and projects vary between the boutique, the riad and Valérie's workshop, where there are so many ideas to turn into reality!

Let's write the next lines of this page together...

All these projects can be viewed HERE.