My background in the women's, children's and home decoration sectors gives me a global vision of how to design a collection.


Drawing inspiration, hunting, exploring, composing with images, colors, shapes and details to make each creation unique and in tune with the brand's universe and identity.

Working directly with the creative studio's artistic team, I develop the collections in the spirit of quality, style and values that represent the brand's DNA. quality, style and values that represent the brand's DNA.

  • Trend analysis, iconographic research in all media, shopping, trade shows.
  • Composition of mood panels, definition of themes and color ranges that will form the basis of the collection.
  • Creation of patterns for printing, embroidery, weaving...
  • Sourcing materials, selecting fabrics, finding suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Drawing up a collection plan.
  • Design of models in line with sales policy: from volume to detail and finishing for a quality finished product.
  • Illustrations and sketches on silhouettes.
  • Technical drawings and prototype development follow-up with international workshops.
  • Participation in fittings and validation of collection models.
  • Study of markets and competition.


Printing, embroidery, dyeing, sewing... each region has its own know-how and each workshop its own speciality, as many talented craftsmen who, through their experienced gestures, bring ideas to life and demonstrate their love of their craft. Craftsmanship is a symbol of tradition, handmade is a symbol of the soul that makes each piece unique.

These studio visits are always punctuated by wonderful human encounters that help to forge links over the years and enrich an address book that I love to share:

  • Research and selection of suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers of finished products to select the most suitable workshops according to their know-how.
  • Launch of models with manufacturers: technical data sheets.
  • Implementation and monitoring of the collection plan.
  • International coordination between suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Travel in France and abroad for collection launches and prototype follow-up.


Surprising, tempting and capturing the first glance at a store display, magazine issue or social network screen is vital to attracting customers. Each location or communication medium has its own importance.

In harmony with the brand's artistic charter, I ensure the harmony of the various communication media: 

  • Brand image control.
  • Design of window displays.
  • In-store product staging.
  • Stand design for trade shows and showrooms.
  • Photo styling for collection shoots.
  • Visual representation of photos and videos for social networks.
  • Content on social networks.


Presenting, advising and building customer loyalty give meaning to the work of designing creations. As the ambassador of a world, the aim is to promote it, make it public, share it with the identified target. The purchase confirms and concretizes all the work done upstream, bringing it to life.

Listening to our customers, whether individuals (B2C) or wholesalers (B2B), allows us to challenge ourselves through constructive exchanges that drive us forward. It's a way of confronting the outside world and taking a certain pride in seeing our creations coveted. Within the brand I've developed, I've established a network of over 150 commercial partners in the 4 corners of the world.

  • Cost price and selling price analysis.
  • Creation of sales books and collection presentation cards.
  • Prospecting and sales at trade shows (Playtime, Maison & Objet).
  • Organization and sales for pop-up stores.
  • Manage a portfolio of international B2B customers.
  • Competitive intelligence.

My entrepreneurial experience has enabled me to work at every stage of creation, production and marketing. Working hand in hand, our combined energies take on a new challenge, a new adventure, every season.